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Cameron Colley, also known as Sinide, is a versatile artist and producer based in Los Angeles who has carved out a name for himself in various creative fields. He is not only an accomplished Actor/Voice Actor with credits in film, television, and stage, including the popular TV series Billions, and Team Umizoomi but also a talented producer, songwriter, and musician.

Cameron’s music career started at a young age working with his brother, and he has since released music that showcases his one of a kind style and sound, including his LoFi EP “Hello Gorgeous.” His dance tracks are infused with energy, while his LoFi music creates a dreamy and introspective atmosphere. With his skills honed on stage and in the studio, he brings depth and authenticity to his music and live performances, creating an experience that truly resonates. Cameron’s acting career has seen him perform in several projects, including the Broadway show “Kinky Boots.” Whether he is acting, lending his voice to a project, or producing music in the studio, Cameron is committed to his craft, always striving to improve and create music that is distinct and moving.

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