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Will Kast is a producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. 

Kast started his musical journey at a young age with guitar, but quickly grew fascinated by the possibilities of electronic music during the EDM boom of the early ’10s. As early as high school, his musical experiences ranged from beat-making and producing to DJing school dances to playing guitar, bass, and keyboards in the house band of the Riekes Center, a local nonprofit. He then attended Northeastern University in Boston, where he continued to perform and produce, as well as taking intermittent jazz guitar and classical piano lessons from the music faculty. He also became heavily involved in Green Line Records, a nonprofit student organization that allowed local artists to partner with students to record and release their music using the university’s recording facilities. He worked in the recording and marketing departments and served as President for two years. 


After graduating with a degree in Mathematics and Economics in 2020, Kast took advantage of the pandemic slowdown to camp out in his parents' garage to focus on music. Quickly landing several sync placements on CBS and receiving a handful of “come to Brazil” messages on a now-defunct artist project, he decided it was time to try his luck relocating to LA. Once on the ground, he became fast friends and collaborators with a number of successful Kpop producers including the Loudboy team and Alina Smith of LYRE, who admired his musicality and sound design abilities. He currently splits his timing producing Kpop and working with independent LA-based artists.

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